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Being Student-Mother: Difficulties and How to Cope with Them

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Student-Mothers in College

Today, we can observe the increasing number of female college students who already have children. These women do not blame someone or demand special attention from tutors, they just need their chance for getting education and better life. We are lucky because one of such student-mothers Julia agreed to give us interview and tell about her own tips on how to cope with such grueling schedule.

Being an International Student – Main Tips to Survive and Get Fun

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International Student Community

When I was at school, I always dreamt to be enrolled in the foreign university. The grounds were various but the most significant is that my soul aspired to get new impressions from the outer world. When I got such a chance, I was on the cloud nine. My most eager wish has come true! But after the first moments of euphoria, reality woke me up with such simple questions and thoughts like, “How will it look like?” “What if I will not have friends?” or “I am not good enough for this place and my language is horrible!” All these filled out my mind and did not leave until my plane landed in the place of my destination.

Bullying Is No Longer a School Time Topic

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Alone Person in a Crowd

Let us just face it. When we hear the words “bullying” or “bully,” the first association is a school hall where the big guys with the faces unweighted with intelligence are snubbing a poor dweeby boy. However, the issue of bullying concerns no longer deliberately schools, it has become the problem which the students in college, as well as the adults at the workplace, encounter with. It is due to the fact that those school-time bullies have not disappeared by magic, they have transformed from the classroom squabblers into the full-aged citizens with all rights.

I Want to be Taken Seriously!

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Confident Man with Spread Hands

It does not depend whether you are extro- or introvert, but for sure almost every person at least once in a life had imaged yourself as a leader standing in the middle of meeting room surrounded by colleges avidly catching each his/her leader’s word. But that is the problem; we only dream on it without any action or even slight attempt to attain the goal to be taken seriously. In that regard, this article will be beneficial for each and every individual regardless the social group (office, student campus, or school classroom) as far as it is never late to realize the kind of an individual you would like to be. Try and change yourself through the next steps.

Modern Era of Digital Gadgets: Do They Really All Can Come in Handy?

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Digital Gadgets Students

We live in the time of fast-paced world, where every day we can observe the launch of new gadgets which are supposed to facilitate our daily activities. Such "sharks" of digital business as Apple, Samsung, Sony, and others fall over backward to compete each other, stay unique, and at the same time, keep up with the consumers' desires and demands. A student niche is a huge market of target audience for which business tycoons make their main bid. Here, the question arises as to whether all these gadgets really enable the studying process or are just created to benefit their proprietaries?