Revision Policy: How It All Works

What can distinguish just a good piece of writing from an excellent one? Is it the way in which the text is built? Or is it the style with which the thought is expressed? Our writers will tell you that both the structure and style certainly matter when it comes to the level of mastery of their professional skills, but there is one more very important aspect that should be taken into account as well.

The text can be considered as the one that has been carried to perfection after the thorough revision procedure. That is why our writers and editors firmly stick to the rule of checking the texts of all papers carefully before sending them to the customers.

Besides, we have decided to develop the additional revision option in order to stay open to our users and guarantee the prime quality and value of all our products.

What Does Our Revision Service Provide?

Our team adheres to the idea that a professional service must be as multifunctional or even all-inclusive as possible. Basing on such position, we have filled our online service with the options for the following opportunities:

  • Within 10 days since you confirmed the first delivery of your paper, the opportunity for free revision request is open; provided that your order covers more than 30 pages, the free opportunity is valid for 20 days after your first delivery confirmation;
  • Assuming that your writer’s work does not satisfy you, you can require that we assigned another professional; please note that your first writer can be replaced only after he or she has done at least 3 revisions for you;
  • We also accept additions to or alterations of your prior order instructions; but you should consider the possibility of the fact that they may influence the initial price of your order. 

Regulations for Revision Requests

These regulations set forth below are oriented towards the most effective organization of the work of our website revision services. We would be very appreciated if you familiarized yourself with them.

Issuing the First Revision Request

The limitless number of free revisions remains available within the 10-day time period. It begins after your confirmation of the first files upload, which is performed by our service system. In order to compose your first request you can:

  • send an e-mail with your request to our website e-mail address, and expound your reasons for the revision as well as your comments on the initial assignment completed by your personal writer;
  • use your personal account and send us your revision request through it, completing the message with the reasons and comments as it has been mentioned above. 

Setting Deadlines

We ask our clients to mention their deadlines for the revisions in the e-mails or personal account messages with their requests for amendments.

  • The shortest time we require to revise a paper is 4 hours. Within 2 hours at most we can complete the hottest revisions.

Altering the Initial Instructions

Allowing for any kind of additions to or alterations of your initial instructions or descriptions, some extra payment may be required. The final sum will depend on what deadline you set and how many modifications are needed. Our standard revision option price is 70% of the order price.

Refunds and Money Back Option

You also have a chance to start a dispute over the compensation for your paper after it has been revised twice. Find more details in our Money Back Policy.