Cyber Security: Dos and Dont’s in Cyberspace

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Meme Computer Says No

Do you know that every time when you posts a new photo on the Instagram or signs in another one website, you leave rather visible marks in the cyber domains and server systems? These traits cannot be vanished by deleting posted information. As a result, it is there forever. Just imagine, if to apply certain tools, all your strange photos and chats from fourteen-year age can be revealed and published somewhere without your direct permission!

Top 8 of the Most Interesting Jobs

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Man on the Top of Building

Attention! This article can make you smiling! “The most horrible problem that sometimes makes me crying at night is that I cannot do what I like the most!” – here are the words of the friend of mine that complained to me yesterday about his miserable life where he (let’s say John in this article) is just an average web-developer, that makes good money. You would say that John is a fool that just does not understand his luckiness because not everyone is even employed for today.

Being Student-Mother: Difficulties and How to Cope with Them

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Student-Mothers in College

Today, we can observe the increasing number of female college students who already have children. These women do not blame someone or demand special attention from tutors, they just need their chance for getting education and better life. We are lucky because one of such student-mothers Julia agreed to give us interview and tell about her own tips on how to cope with such grueling schedule.

Being an International Student – Main Tips to Survive and Get Fun

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International Student Community

When I was at school, I always dreamt to be enrolled in the foreign university. The grounds were various but the most significant is that my soul aspired to get new impressions from the outer world. When I got such a chance, I was on the cloud nine. My most eager wish has come true! But after the first moments of euphoria, reality woke me up with such simple questions and thoughts like, “How will it look like?” “What if I will not have friends?” or “I am not good enough for this place and my language is horrible!” All these filled out my mind and did not leave until my plane landed in the place of my destination.