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Top 10 Interesting Facts About Students and Studentship

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Warning Sign Drunken Students

A university is an amazing place, where there are often very exotic and outlandish traditions. The stories about unusual traditions, parties and initiation ceremonies are roaming throughout the world. Students are ready to do almost anything to guarantee their luck on the exam or just let off steam. So, here you can see a list of the most bizarre traditions functioning in different educational institutions.

Write and Earn

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Money and Writing

One of the basic skills which you develop while studying at college is writing. You are dealing with a number of papers like essays, course works, articles, research papers and other writing projects. Do not be one of those skeptics who consider these exercises as a waste of your time. You should consider writing skills as a tool for earning money. Here we will show you how you can do it.

What You Have to Do While Studying at School? 9 Things

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The school is one of the most memorable places in your life because you spend a lot of time there. A school is a place not only for studying but also for entertaining which implies various activities. Classes, friends, parties, sport – there are so many options of spending time at school, and sometimes you do not have an idea where to begin. But for someone, school years have become the most boring times where there is no opportunity to reveal yourself.

Exam Preparations with Pleasure

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Nowadays, almost everyone involves him or herself in the languages learning. You can find many reasons to join their huge community. Actually, foreign languages can help you to reach some aims and find some nice opportunities. Nevertheless, many students of schools and universities do not use such a nice chance to learn something new or to improve the level of a language while studying somewhere. That is why a final exam is a real disaster for them. Here you can find some pieces of advice on passing the exam easily and with great pleasure.