Exam Preparations with Pleasure

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Nowadays, almost everyone involves him or herself in the languages learning. You can find many reasons to join their huge community. Actually, foreign languages can help you to reach some aims and find some nice opportunities. Nevertheless, many students of schools and universities do not use such a nice chance to learn something new or to improve the level of a language while studying somewhere. That is why a final exam is a real disaster for them. Here you can find some pieces of advice on passing the exam easily and with great pleasure.

Make all the Preparations in Advance

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This is one of the very important steps you have to follow. Many students postpone this «preparation» process till the last day before the exam. No doubt, it is possible to revise and learn everything in one night, but the result will be the same. Moreover, it is a huge stress for your body and your nervous system. The reason is that your brain has to cope with the enormous amounts of different information. This can provoke a situation when you will remember nothing at all on the exam day. Remember that if you start revising and learning at least in a week, this process will be much more comfortable and pleasant; you will have some time to meet your friends, go in for sports, etc.

Discover the Structure of the Exam

Usually, the foreign language exam has some specific structure. Firstly, it can consist of four parts, which are speaking, listening, reading and writing. Surely, the tasks depend on the level of the language, the topics you have learned, the place where you study, your teacher, etc. To do your best, you have to know what kinds of tasks you are going to deal with.

Start from Revision

It is a common-known fact that the exams are based on the material you have been learning during the year or term. If you attended all the classes, you would easily find all the necessary information including lexical and grammar topics, vocabulary, etc. In case you were not the most diligent student you can ask your classmates or group mates to help you. Try to find all the printouts, refresh in the mind everything from your course book and revise the words. You can also look through some of your tests and dictations to find the mistakes you have done earlier.

Dive Yourself into the Language

This tip is quite helpful on your way to successful examination. In a week before the exam try to plunge yourself into the language you are learning. First of all, learn everything you need to. You can do that everywhere, in the subway, cafe or on the streets. Listen to music, watch movies or series if you want to have some rest. By the way, it will help you to improve your listening and understanding skills. Reading something in the foreign language will make you ready to pass the reading part of your exam. There is also a nice game to make you think in a foreign language. You should try to name all the objects around you in that language while taking a walk or sitting somewhere. Anyway, this part will make you feel confident and strong.

Avoid Conning


Many students, especially the most sedulous ones, often practice conning. In easy words, they learn everything by heart. Well, sometimes it is really helpful, but it won`t make you understand how the things work. There are some tasks where you have to think and analyze using your knowledge, but сonning won`t help you.

Do Your Best

Well, that means you have to do something to pass the exam. Usually, teacher or professor gives some topics for speaking in advance. You can write them on your own using the Internet. Then you will know what you should talk about and what lexical expressions to use. Here you can even make some notes and write some essential information instead of writing the whole text, but it depends on your knowledge level. As for grammar, it will be useful to make some schemes or colorful diagrams.

There is a huge number of grammar videos on YouTube. Watch them if you don`t know something. Do some exercises to make sure you understand this or that topic. Try to make some tasks. To do that, revise or find some articles about writing essays, formal/informal letters, reviews, etc. as they have some special structure. You can get some useful examples on https://orderessay.org/persuasiveessay. You also have a possibility learn some key phrases how to start or to finish.

Create the Comfortable Conditions

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We all know the exam is not the most pleasant event in our life. However, we can make it better. Firstly, sleep well. Many of the students prefer learning something all night long, but it is not the best decision. You will feel weak, sleepy and tired. Then try to create the comfortable conditions for the studying process.

Do not forget to ventilate your room. Fresh air will make your brain work faster. Drink much water and eat healthy food (including meat or fish, nuts, fruits and dark chocolate). Many scientists advise listening to classical music. It is perfect for relaxation and concentration at the same time. Don`t forget about physical exercises.

Take It Easy

Surely, the exams can play an important role in your education, but your health and the nervous system are much more important. Keep that in mind. Do not be sad or disappointed if something goes wrong, it is life. The next time you will do that better. In any situation stay calm and balanced, do not show anyone you are nervous. Think about something nice, refresh in your mind dreams and goals.

One more advice is not to cheat. Remember that you study to be intelligent but not to receive a good mark. Moreover, cheating will ruin your relations with the teacher. It is always better to be sincere and say that you are not ready or you don`t understand something honestly than lie or cheat. Good luck!

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