Nailing IELTS Speaking Test: Important Tips

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IELTS is often required by many universities and HR managers to prove the applicant’s English skills. Many of those who take it are not exposed to the English-speaking environment and find it hard to communicate naturally and fluently. These tips will help put those people at ease and develop eloquence even without a direct exposure to the language.

Things to Consider Before You Accept a Job

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Professional-Looking Students

If you are reading this, you, probably, find yourself in this anxious and intimidated state of not knowing whether you will land a job after graduation. I want to assure you first that you will. If you are in the US the employment rate is only slightly higher than 4 %, so you have a very high chance of getting hired.

What to Write About Christmas This Year?

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Christmas Tree

Just pronounce the word “Christmas” and you’ll suddenly smell tangerines or hear your favorite carol. Even if you somehow tend to agree with those rationalists who claim that this holiday has become too commercialized, I bet you still won’t deny that anticipating Christmas time does make you feel special.