Our Terms and Conditions: Learn Our Website Service from Within

Developing the decent and valid website terms and conditions, as well as adhering to them conscientiously and responsibly, are the two main principles implemented by our company in order to organize our work in a proper way and provide our clients with premium quality services.

On Orderessay.org the following references are accepted:

  • the words "company", "website" or "site", "we" and "our"/"us" are used for Orderessay.org;
  • the words "customer(s)" or "client(s)" as well as "you" and "your"/" yours" stand for every user of Orderessay.org;
  • the word "product" is an umbrella term for every type of papers which can be ordered with our company’s service on Orderessay.org;
  • the word "order" denotes the whole process of a customer’s completing the order form and purchasing final products with our company.

Services and Products

We are excited to offer a wide range of opportunities, which we provide for our clients as various kinds of writing services and their direct products. Our experienced writers and expert editors take the responsibility for completing diverse academic papers, business letters and papers, creative writing assignments, as well as proofreading, editing and rewriting tasks. All papers come out to be 100% original, errorless and absolutely affordable.

Testimonial: I had to hand in two different papers on two different subjects and was really anxious, because I had almost no time at all to look for them on tens of websites. I was so happy to find all what I needed here. Thanks for your work, guys! (June, Arkansas). 

Pricing Policies

All prices on our company’s products are retail and available on the separate webpage. Our pricing strategy considers a deadline issue among the main factors for maintaining a particular price for a product. The prices can be changed individually due to the specific instructions that come from customers, their applying for additional types of services, particular deadline issues and some other reasons. In case of any price alterations we are obliged to inform the customer.

Website Access and Use

Each and every user should be provided with a special access license. This means that our customer is allowed to use the information on the website and the attached materials only for his or her personal needs. Our regulations exclude and forbid the attempts to modify and copy any type and part of the content, as well as using it commercially without our company’s prior written consent.

Please be aware that as long as you have entered this website, your consent to our company’s terms and conditions, as well as other policies, is considered to be valid by default.

Available Information Protection Principles

In order to create a safe and reliable database and information space for our first-time visitors and regular customers, we stick to such regulations:

  • We are not liable for the fact whether the available content is timely and accurate. The users reply to it at their own risk and peril only.
  • We cannot be charged of the responsibility for any damage caused to your personal computer by the downloaded materials. We guarantee that our server if free of viruses.
  • We aim to provide valid, prompt and adequate information. However, at our disposal we can change any piece of data and content at any time.
  • In terms of linking and framing, the reliability of the sources to which we provide the respective links is outside the scope of our responsibility as well.

Guarantees of Confidentiality

We strongly prohibit the disclosure of any type of data and information which can be transmitted between our servers and the customer to third parties.