Money Back Policy What Ifs: Learn More

One of our top priorities is friendly and successful cooperation with the customers of our online writing service. For this reason we have carefully thought through each and every case when a refund may be required from our company’s side. Basing on our research work and surveys, we have drawn up this agreement with thoroughly developed provisions for our customers to be sure that their rights are securely protected.

We ask you to stay aware of the fact that each visitor who has accessed this website is referred to as the one who accepts the provisions of this Agreement.

Below you will find the answers to the most common questions concerning the organization and regulation of the refund procedure, performed by our company as promptly and responsibly as possible. In case something about them remains unclear, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. Your involvement is highly valuable for us.

Every claim is considered by our company’s Dispute Department within 7 to 10 working days.

What Can I Do If I Am Not Satisfied with My Paper?

Before opening a dispute over the refund, you can also apply for our free revision service. Within the first 10 days after we have uploaded your paper into your personal account you have a limitless and free opportunity to revise it with us. For further details, you can address to the provisions of our Revision Policies.

Please pay your attention to the following:

  • in any case the 10-day term, mentioned above, is the acceptable time for you to open a compensation dispute as well as to request for the revision; that is why you should check your paper as soon as we have sent it to you therefore avoiding any kind of misunderstandings;
  • as long as you put in the revision request or start a dispute over the refund, you should also support your requests and claims by strong, reasonable and fair arguments; otherwise such kind of request or claim may be rejected.

As soon as you have found it out, please contact us. We will check the system and instantly pay you back if your second payment has gone through as well.

Provided that less than the half or more than the half of the initially set time has passed, you can receive back up to 70% and 30% from the initial sum of your order respectively.

However, no compensation can be possible when the writer has completed the assignment. In this particular case you may request for the free revision.

We can assure you that such a case is 99,9% impossible. However, when we cannot deliver the paper promptly because of the delay of your clarifications or materials, the price of this assignment cannot be compensated.

We guarantee the 100% refund and further discounts for your orders with us.

Unfortunately, we cannot compensate the sum you pay for any of our additional service options.