Privacy Policies: Principles of Implementation

The necessity of creating decent policies on information and data protection is dictated by the modern conditions of the use of the World Wide Web. Providing users and customers with regulations guarantying security and safety of the information which they can receive from and the data which they must share with Internet servers has turned into an essential obligation of Internet companies.

As long as we strive to adhere to this statement and meet the requirements that it implies, our company’s online services are reliably supported by the provisions of the Privacy Policy given.

What Personal Data Are Required?

In order to assist our customers with getting in touch with our service team, as well as to enable our supporters to contact the customers if needed, we would request our first-time user to provide us with his or her true and valid personal data.

When filling out the order form, you should mention:

  • your first and last names;
  • the country you make your order from;
  • your personal e-mail.

Depending on the payment system you will use to pay for your order some additional data may be needed.

Besides, we may request for the customer’s feedback, presented as a testimonial.

These data will be respectively used to:

  • create your personal account on;
  • provide payment transactions;
  • upgrade our options and make improvements on our website in general.

Testimonial: I’m not the one who wrote to these guys and asked them to fix a few really inconvenient things, but there definitely was someone who did it. Because when I entered that page for the second time, everything was alright. It’s good when you can see how it works with your own eyes (Jess, Florida).

What Does Our Security System Base On?

SSL system

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This system is used to secure the process of personal data transmissions between an Internet user and a server to which the data must be sent. 

Cookie Files

After our clients’ permission we use cookies to analyze their search requests and learn their preferences. Special cookie files are safely stored on your computer’s hard drive, and not on the server, containing all information about your search history on our website. 


According to Children Online Privacy Protection Act (or COPPA), we cannot gather personal data from users whose age is under 13. Only those visitors who are older than 13 are allowed to apply for our online services.

Protection Strategies and Guarantees

These statements have been developed with much concern and conscientiousness. Please make sure, whether everything about each of them is clear to you.

You should also take into account that every first-time visitor of this website is considered as the one who has confirmed his or her agreement with these provisions after entering any of its web pages. 

These policies can be modified by our company representatives without prior notifications. All changes will be displayed on the respective website pages.

Online Information Relevance Only

As the provider of online writing services our company cannot be considered liable for the data obtained with any means off-line.

Non-Disclosure Regulation

The information we receive from our customers cannot be disclosed to third parties in any cases, except for those situations when our company must enforce these policies or protect its rights.