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Our Brain and the Whole Truth About the "Pill for the Mind"

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Brain Activity

"Have you heard that we use only 20% of our brain?" – Eddie Morra, the writer-loser from the American thriller "Limitless" (2011), is asked by a friend, offering him that fateful pill." "With this, you can use your whole brain." Having taken the drug NZT-48, Morra indeed transforms. Having learned to use all his cognitive abilities, he mastered the piano for three days, in four – he completed the book and soon became a millionaire.

Your Unforgettable Summer Vacation

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Sunny Day

Every student is familiar with the feeling when they pass the summer session and feel complete freedom. If you are not, then you certainly should visit this website They will help you to finish and submit all your papers to begin enjoying your summer vacation as soon as possible.

10 Steps to Achieve Goals

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Goal Achievement

To reach success in any of your deeds, you need a system of sequential actions. Many people think it is enough to just determine the goal and move towards it, but things are not that simple. If the goal is a long-term one, you risk to meet obstacles you don’t have motivation or inspiration to overcome. And a systematic approach tried by writing specialists is what can save you here.