Top 10 Interesting Facts About Students and Studentship

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A university is an amazing place, where there are often very exotic and outlandish traditions. The stories about unusual traditions, parties and initiation ceremonies are roaming throughout the world. Students are ready to do almost anything to guarantee their luck on the exam or just let off steam. So, here you can see a list of the most bizarre traditions functioning in different educational institutions.

  • 1. Chocolate for Exam

    Among strange Japanese traditions, there is such one. Many Japanese students take chocolate with them for exams, however, not a simple chocolate bar, but Kit Kat. This chocolate is a talisman for them. And this is due to the fact that the Japanese phrase "certainly win" "kitto katsu" is quite accordant to the name of this chocolate product.

  • 2. The Kingdom of Sleep

    It happened to almost all students to doze off at the lecture because of fatigue. But of course not because they are bored, but simply because "boisterous" student life often exhausts a young and fragile body. This befell every student, there is no point to be unfaithful ... But here, in France, this issue was treated not only carefully, but rather in an original manner.

    At the University of Nantes, they created a special room for the student siesta. And now at any time during the day, each student can go into it and relax, in the full sense of the word. In a special room, it is forbidden not only to smoke and talk loudly, but also listen to music, and the most important thing – even to cuddle and kiss. It was decided to open the "sleepy room" at the university because of the fact that very many students fell asleep at the lectures right in the classroom.

    Nevertheless, there are things always that are typical for every student in any country. Which one? Get to know from this article

  • 3. Frankenstein is a Student?

    Despite the common misconception, Frankenstein is not the name of a terrible monster at all. In fact, back in 1818, the writer Mary Shelley called this most terrible monster just "Monster" in the novel "Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus." Viktor Frankenstein in the novel is the name of this very young student-scientist from Switzerland, who modeled this terrible beast with the help of inanimate material. By the way, only in the subsequent various works and adaptations on this topic, Viktor Frankenstein creates his "Monster" from different parts of the bodies of the dead.

    Young People Having Fun
  • 4. Naked Strike

    Maybe, someone does not need a special day to go naked, but Tufts University still singled out such a special one. At night before the preparation for the winter exams (that is, a week before they begin), students are ready to free their bodies from fetters of clothing and run through the university territory being in their birthday suit.

    The tradition arose when modern Tufts University was organized by combining two other educational institutions: Tufts College for Men and Jackson College for Women. Male students, who did not want to put up with the fact that from now on they had to take into account the rights of women, had made a naked strike. In general, they achieved anything, except that they invented a new extraordinary tradition.

  • 5. For the Workbook in Debt

    In the famous Yale University, there is still an unusual tradition. The students of senior courses of the university give out their workbooks to first-year students. For this, their young comrades become debtors. However, they need to pay no money for senior students. The debtor’s eyes are circled with green color, so that they look like headlights, and after that the freshman becomes a personal “cartage” of the undergraduate for a day or several hours.

  • 6. Address on the Back

    Just 200 years ago in Russia in the XIX century, students in restaurants, taverns, and other drinking establishments wrote their address on their back! This situation was even described by A.P. Chekhov: doormen in the popular then restaurant "Strelna" and "Yar" asked the drunken students to tell their home address to write it with chalk on the back of the students. Then, the cabs, according to information on the back of the student, delivered the insensible bodies of students to their homes.

    Student Cheating
  • 7. Beer for Exam

    This tradition was once again confirmed by one very impudent student from the famous Oxford University. Having learned about the almost forgotten old tradition of the university, he asked to bring him Cakes and Ale. It is amazing, but the student still got his beer, but the teacher found a way to put down the student. But not for drinking beer during the exam, the resourceful teacher remembered an even more ancient university custom: at Oxford University, the students without sword were forbidden to attend the exam.

  • 8. “The Primal Scream”

    An odd tradition is still very popular at many foreign universities. This is the tradition of "primal scream.” This student's shout resembling the cry of Tarzan and the football fan usually lasts from 5 to 10 minutes. Students are allowed to utter it during the exams period in the campus, since it is believed that it relieves excitement and overexertion.

  • 9. "The Test for Honesty"

    At the famous Princeton University in the US, students write their written exams without teachers in the classroom. It is all about the University's "Code of Integrity" – a traditional solemn oath, which all freshmen, without exception, must swear. In the oath, students promise that as the citizens of scrupulous integrity, they are obliged not to cheat during exams.

  • 10. A Package for the Pope

    A very curious and ridiculous tradition exists at Georgetown University in the USA. University students unscrew and steal arrows from the tower clock Healy Hall and for some reason send them as a special parcel to the Pope in Vatican. Despite all the efforts of special security, entreaties, and demands of the University administration, the arrows of the clock still regularly disappear every five or six years.

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