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Confident Man with Spread Hands

It does not depend whether you are extro- or introvert, but for sure almost every person at least once in a life had imaged yourself as a leader standing in the middle of meeting room surrounded by colleges avidly catching each his/her leader’s word. But that is the problem; we only dream on it without any action or even slight attempt to attain the goal to be taken seriously. In that regard, this article will be beneficial for each and every individual regardless the social group (office, student campus, or school classroom) as far as it is never late to realize the kind of an individual you would like to be. Try and change yourself through the next steps.

“Suit up!”

The subtitle of this section is taken from popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother where one of the main characters Barney Stinson represents an especially good example how significant our look and appearance are to create the first impression. And it does not mean that you are to wear gray suit every day and smell as if you took a shower with a cologne.

Ann Hewlett, author of the book Executive Presence, says that looking good is more about polish, grooming, and being put together. Most of the time, human brain does not apprehend small details of the human outlook (save for women), it creates a general image of a human, and if everything is good combined and there is no evidently clear defects, then chances are to be liked by an interlocutor. Moreover, when you know that everything is fine with your appearance (the hair is clean or shoes are polished), then you will get the feeling of confidence at least on 35% percent. And here we come to the question of our personal confidence.

Suit up

Confident but Humble

You can be the best in your field and know everything even better than your boss or tutor. It, of course, can boost your confidence enormously. Just what you need! However, let us come down to earth. The feeling of confidence can be detrimental as well as beneficial. There are many examples from the world history and our nowadays that show how self-confidence was the reason of the battle fiascos or company failures. These all are the lessons demonstrating the power of confidence. Therefore, to be able to counter-balance your confidence with humbleness is rather worthful trait.

Nevertheless, a healthy confidence will make your surroundings to take you seriously, without doubt. When the individual takes seriously his/her self, believes in the ideas/thoughts aired, and can defend them, then people around would automatically take such a human in a serious manner, feeling his/her inner spirit power. You can practice your confidence in a trivial situations with your colleagues or classmates, trying to stand for your position to at least not look weak.

I Know Exactly how It Works, Let Me Check

The problem of ignorance in our world is one of the most horrible as it poses the world’s development at risk. And it goes not only about technical progress, but overall development of individual in a new fast-pace world of high technologies. Thus, those people who really know their profession and are specialists in a chosen field, being able to explain the twists and turns, are worth gold. That is why if you want to be count and heard, make everything to know more, to know better. And remember ignorance is the worst trait when it goes about seriousness or professional environment.

Leader Among People

Tell Stories – and They will Hear You

Figures and numbers are, for sure, give weight to everything what you are talking about. But to impress your audience and gain a great reputation try and be creative and exciting. The story telling skill is one of those that can help you to be taken more seriously. People love to listen fascinating stories that touch their soul or simply find recall somehow. Furthermore, it is a perfect means to make people more to believe you. If they see your soul and hear something that can engage them, there is a chance that audience will apprehend the speaker more favorably.

Tune Your Tone

It was scientifically proved that those people that end their sentence as the interrogative one can be taken less seriously and gain not much respect. In this way, they show their weakness leading to a low level of credibility. Oppositely, people talking in a confident manner are taken more as professionals that are well-versed in a certain area. Read more.

Have You Heard this News?

Being in touch with the situation in the world regarding the latest news is something that unconsciously makes people think of you seriously. In that regard, I remember the words of my father that has been always reading fresh newspapers.

Once, when I was seven years old, I watched some soup opera on TV when came my father and clicked up on the news channel (it was in times, when about internet on personal devices no one heard). Firstly, I got angry with such behavior, but then my father said very seriously, “How would I look like tomorrow at work without knowing at least the main world news? Don’t you want your father being hold for a fool?”

Of course, it was a little bit speculative from his side, however, now I fully understand his wish to watch the latest news. It really assists in the course of any conversation and shows that you try to see a little bit further your own nose.

Father Daughter Television

Think over Twice or Even Trice What You Want to Say

It is rather easy for other people to take you less seriously when they can hear from you only foolish ideas and inappropriate thoughts, expressed not on time during the conversation. The best variant for such “clowns” in the social group is to be treated with patience and smirk, the worst variant is to be fired for unprofessionalism. Consequently, it is highly recommended to practice your speech initially in the head and only then air it. If it is hard for you to make for a couple of minutes, then you can moderate sample talks at home and prepare special answers for different situations. However, you will never be ready for all life occurrences, that is why better take your time and think, than just slip up with obliquity.

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