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Attention! This article can make you smiling!

“The most horrible problem that sometimes makes me crying at night is that I cannot do what I like the most!” – here are the words of the friend of mine that complained to me yesterday about his miserable life where he (let’s say John in this article) is just an average web-developer, that makes good money. You would say that John is a fool that just does not understand his luckiness because not everyone is even employed for today.

Well, of course, you will be right, on the one hand. On the other hand, I can completely understand John as far as most people on earth are occupied with job/profession which makes them totally unhappy. This choice can be the result of a social influence (parents, community, or social standards and patterns). And it is not for nothing one smart man said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” However, today it is not a problem to choose the occupation basing on your life preferences. Check our TOP 8 and make your choice!

Private Island Caretaker

Do you remember all these TV-shows on MTV where they told us about the houses, cars, and islands of Hollywood stars? Well, I have a good news for you, DiCaprio or Depp are not always on their islands (they are busy people). Consequently, someone has to care about these islands. And you can be exactly this person. Of course, the professional responsibilities can be rather wide (eventually, it is not a house, it is an island!), but instead, you will get a high-paid interesting job in a secluded paradise.

Annual salary—up to $100,000;

Amusements – lay on the beach, pretending that it is your own island.

Game Tester

Game Tester

If you think that this job will include only sitting on a sofa playing X-box all day long,… NO, you went totally wrong. This type of occupation, for sure, is connected with game industry where the most part of menfolk would like to work, however, the job implies a wide range of specific and technical skills in IT field. For example, you can be asked to build a PC and troubleshoot hardware issues.

As a member of the development process, video game tester is required to know a game development cycle, the applied tools, and be able to detect and describe a defect in the appropriate terms. In this way, if you are in love with video games this job can perfectly match you; however, do not expect to be taken to a Wargaming just because you played all their games.

Annual salary – $36k-$62k;

Amusement – to play and know the latest games in the game industry.

LEGO Sculptor

Have you ever noticed all these beautiful and mind-blowing statues in the LEGO shops? I have been always curious who is this man or woman that must build all these pieces of unacknowledged art, how much time do they spend for it, and where a man can get this strange specialization – Lego Sculptor, is it possible in Art Academy? Anyway, these people are the certified professionals.

Annual salary – around $37,500 a year;

Amusement – you can say that you are a sculptor to all your friends; building fantastic statues and praying the god that no one has them crashed.

Water Slide Tester

In this interesting job, there are two key factors - “biggest splash” and “adrenalin factor” according to which you have to test the correspondence of tested water slides to the certain level of customers’ expectations. As in every job, this one has its own downfalls. For example, it can be rather inconvenient and tough to test the water slides in a hot day.

Annual salary – around $31,000;

Amusement – you can be in Aquapark for free all day.

Beer, Wine, Chocolate, Jack Daniels Taster

Indulge Yourself

If you love something badly to eat, or drink, or make, then be the best in it! If you are a sweet tooth, no one restricts to develop yourself in this direction, knowing oats of the taste of hundreds of chocolate types.

It is extremely exciting to stop drink whiskey, beer, or wine only on Friday evening in the company of friends where no one interested in your narration about a big difference between Chardonnay 1817 and Chardonnay 1818, and turn your hobby in an unusual profession.

Annual sale – $20-30k;

Amusement – you indulge yourself every day and can easily say that it is not an addiction but your job.

Professional Zombie

Is the Halloween your favorite holiday? Then you have exceptional chance to work as a professional zombie at The London Dungeons. They hire at the moment 50 employees to do just that: Be a zombie and scare people.

Salary – around $64 dollars for eight hours of work;

Amusement – forget how you look like every day, your job is to be a walking dead.

Luxury Bed Tester

If you answer a question “What is your hobby?” – “to lie and sleep”, then probably the next vacancy will enjoy you. The work implies spending most of your time in luxury beds and sharing your “weighty opinion” whether the tested bed provides best night’s sleep, or not.

Month salary – $1,556+;

Amusement – you can imagine that you are a pampered princess!

Rock Star

Rock Star Life

Maybe, every fan of Black Sabbath and Metallica at least once in his/her life dreamt about the life full of performances, music, and crazy fans. So all these can come true! The main thing is your desire. No one promises that you will shovel up money, but you can become the star at least in your own town, being popular in all local rock clubs. Do not be afraid to move beyond. You can start your rock star career from making your studio recording, then send it all public places which look for rock bands.

Salary – depends on your level in music industry;

Amusement – playing guitar, pretending on a stage that you are Robert Plant or Tommy Iommi. Read more about this topic here.

If all mentioned above variants are not your cup of tea, then try and create your perfect and interesting job!

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