Education Abroad: Weighty Arguments

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If you want to get high-quality knowledge, invaluable life experience, and many other pleasant bonuses, the most accurate way to hit the target is education abroad. If you are interested in this topic, then you came to the right place. We will try to draw a full picture called "The advantages of education abroad." We hope you will like it.

According to QS World University Rankings 2018, the first positions are occupied by American Universities such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT, University of Stanford, and University of Harvard. At the fourth place stands California Institute of Technology and in the fifth place is the University of Cambridge. If you want to see the whole list, follow the link. Did you find the most prestigious educational institution of your country in this rate on leading positions? No? Then, read further.

Unfortunate statistics are given not to worsen your mood even more. In order to get a quality education that will give you not just a dry theory but the ticket in a more bright future, it is important to choose the university that will allow you to get both a diploma and a bundle of knowledge, including practical as well.

The volume and level of knowledge is a key argument in favor of studying abroad, but not the only one. If pounding the books does not seem to you to be such a vital activity, then we suggest that you peer at Europe educational institutions and see other weighty arguments. Meet!

  1. The ability to see the world with your own eyes, and not on a computer monitor or a TV screen. Weekends, vacations, students from all over the world, and a thousand of opportunities to go on the routes wherever your imagination will wish to and for the amount of money you can allow. But to see Europe, studying, for example, in Germany, is much easier and more accessible than to take advantage of the expensive service of a travel agency, imposing hackneyed beaten tracks. Who knows France better than the French themselves, who in combination are also your groupmates.
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  2. New friends. Friendship, of course, is an ornament of our life; it makes it lighter, brighter, and more pleasant. A friend will share with you the university desk, the good and bad times, and even his/her dinner. Foreign friends are not only wonderful people from your new environment but also an opportunity to visit them and their country after graduation or to plan the joint trips to any part of the world.
  3. Study abroad provides an opportunity to get acquainted with other cultures. Cultural differences are not just another language, music, holidays or cuisine. Real differences appear from somewhere outside and influence the way of understanding the world. The mentality is a hard-to-explain thing: you cannot understand it from books or watching TV shows. The story of a comrade is the sum of his/her mistakes and successes, you will have your own different story, possibly a would-be action-packed book.
  4. Personal development - whether you like it or not. Living not under the wing of parents, in another environment, and among absolutely different people will automatically do its work and make you independent, self-sufficient, resourceful, sociable, and bold person. Perhaps, you will become an excellent specialist in the field of national cuisines of the world, having lived in a dormitory with a Japanese, an Italian, and a Frenchman for several years. Or find a passion for golf, making friends with an Englishman.
  5. The pleasure of the learning process. It turns out that it is not necessary to sit on boring lectures and entertain yourself as you can. You can independently choose the subjects that you want to study, enroll in additional English courses, plan the learning process, not just by cramming lecture notes, but get knowledge from the diversified sources in specially allotted and free time. You will not be afraid of the sessions, you can take pauses in studies, and there will be no need to laugh at unfunny jokes of despotic teachers. You are not a hostage to the system, but a creator of your own.
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  6. Diploma of a foreign university has not only international recognition but will also become a big plus in your resume. In the eyes of the employer, a candidate who has studied abroad has an inner motivation, is independent, not afraid of difficulties, and is able to find a way out of unforeseen situations. The experience of living and studying in another country, adaptation to a foreign culture and a high level of foreign language proficiency - all this distinguishes the candidate from the others and includes a green light on the road to almost any international company.
  7. Improve English and learn new languages – the most suitable both the time and opportunity. It is known that the best way to learn a language is to live in the environment of its native speakers. Most students often encounter the situation "I understand everything, but I am afraid to speak." After a couple of weeks, this fear goes away: in a student environment, the meaning of just said is weights more than the correct usage of Past Perfect.
  8. Staying to live abroad. If you think that there are a lot of such dreamers as you, then we will tell you a secret: there are many of them everywhere! But this is not an excuse to give up. Good specialists are always in demand, even in the era of the economic crisis. And foreign universities are the best way to provide the acquisition of practical knowledge, rather than dry theory. In addition, at the end of a study, many offer an internship or jobs.

However, despite all our convincing arguments, the main challenge is for you – to want. If you really want, you can not only fly to space but also go to Oxford. And if something does not work for you, then you do not want it. But this is not your case, isn’t it?

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