How to Find Your Calling

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Man with Many Questions

Our most important task in life is not to become someone, but to understand who we really are! So, answer the following questions:

  • Do you feel life is passing you by?
  • Are you groaning while going to work in the morning?
  • The work takes away so much energy from you that you are too lazy to think about inspiration?
  • You do not have a favorite business due to which you wake up in the morning with fiery eyes?
  • Do you often get depressed or do you experience apathy?

If you said yes to at least one statement – congratulations! From now on, you will open for you the doors into an amazing world full of life. In other words, it is time for you to "give up" the present life and set off on a quest for your own calling. The reason is that what you are doing now not only does not bring you joy but also takes away all your vitality.

Continuing to remain inactive, you risk falling into the pool of prolonged depression that might eat your life away. You do not want it, do you?

The Ways to Find Your Calling

Nevertheless, what is to be done? How to find your calling? – You will ask. There is nothing complicated in this! A little reflection and a couple of steps is the recipe for becoming happy. We, in our turn, will try to direct you to the desired goal. And the first thing you can do right now is to click the following link to the website that will provide you with more time for self-discovery and ready essay besides.

What is a Vocation?

Before we start looking for a vocation, let us look at the term itself and its definition. So, what is a vocation?

"Everyone has his calling. The talent is to know it." – Ralph Emerson

Calling is something that makes a person live, get up in the morning, and go to bed in the evenings. Calling is a job making which a person catches an incredible buzz. Сalling is something that is the reason to be born for a person. Want to get more information regarding your calling, click this link.

Someone is called to be a teacher, someone likes to save lives, someone is born to become a mother, and someone to "smoke bamboo" among coconut palms. Therefore, if you do not get pleasure from your occupation, then it is a high time for you to find your vocation. The next five steps will help you understand in which direction to move!

Step 1. Ask the Universe the Right Questions!

Girl Looking into Sky

Most people do not find their place in life just because they ask the wrong questions. Thinking about what we want to do, we think mostly about the professions: doctors, teachers, firefighters, drivers, etc. Therefore, we ask ourselves "What profession can pass to me?" However, this is a wrong question.

Instead, ask yourself "What would I like to do if I had a million dollars?" This question can lead you into a stupor, but, in fact, all the answers will be the most sincere, reflecting your real desires. For example, my friend the financier said that she would become an ordinary secretary; she would sit, answer the phone, and make coffee.

As a result, she revised her life principles and became an administrator at the school, where she was not loaded with numerous reports and regular business trips. Although she lost in salary but found a favorite business. Therefore, listen to yourself and be honest, first of all, with yourself.

Step 2. We Struggle with Contradictions!

So, have you answered yourself what would you do with a bag of "bucks." However, it can be that your head becomes full of nasty thoughts. They prevent you from doing what you love. For example, I am not of that age, what if suddenly nothing will turn out, no one will appreciate my work, and who will feed the family and then a long list of “if”...

I hasten to please you, absolutely everyone is worried with such thoughts, but only a few can cope with them. So let us fight with our head and get rid of stereotypes. Thus, to make it easier for you, I will give an example in the person of Alan Rickman. If no one knows, Alan brilliantly played the role of a potions professor in the film about Harry Potter. Well, did you know that almost up to 30 years he worked as a designer, after that he realized that his true vocation was theater?

Therefore, do not be afraid of anything and drive away all the nasty thoughts from yourself. Remember: it is never too late to change the professional field!

Man Making Step from Cliff

Step 3. Act!

When you have decided on your favorite business and have thrown out unnecessary emotions from your head, take action. If you are afraid to give up work, then you can omit this action at the initial stage.

Do your favorite thing in your spare time, and when your business starts to bring a significant income, give up hated work. If you have several options for what you would like to do, try everything in turn.

Step 4. Keep the Consistency!

It often happens so that we make a grab for one thing and then switch to another one. As a result, we have nothing; we freak out and fall back into the old routine. At this stage, do not panic, do not get nervous and bring all things to the end.

If you really found your calling, then from the completed task you will feel an unprecedented burst of energy and a clear confidence to move on.

Step 5. Drive Away Fears!

Insecurity is the most important obstacle on the way of achieving the goal. Even if you know what you want to do and how to achieve your goal, you can be stopped by the fear to fail.

By the way, the relatives and close friends can ward off your fear.

Or, they can point you out all sorts of risks, thereby making you even more anxious.

Therefore, always look into the face of fear. Calculate in advance all kinds of risks and losses and do not share your plans with relatives. As people say, the fewer secrets you keep, the more soundly you sleep. You can only share success with relatives, but in no case talk about details.

Sometimes finding your calling is not as easy as it seems at first glance. If you do not understand right now what you would like to do in life, do not despair and continue searching!

Even having your calling found, remember that it is not easy to follow. You will need boldness and courage to overcome all the pitfalls on the way to your goal. Nevertheless, having done this, you will get an incredible incentive to jump out of bed every morning and enjoy every day you have lived!

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